The 10 countries with the highest ratio of women to men in higher education

The 10 countries with the highest ratio of women to men in higher education

1. QATAR — Qatar formally has a greater share concerning lady college students than somewhere more over earth. The ratio over ladies in conformity with guys is a amazing 6.66, too though just 44% about women are of similarly education.

2. BARBADOS — A substantial 88% regarding Barbadian ladies are between greater or further education, outnumbering men via almost twins yet a partly times. The Caribbean nation has two universities in spite of abject a population about less than 300,000.

3. JAMAICA — Around 40% over Jamaican female continue of tertiary education, 2.29 times extra than the range on guys active in conformity with universities and colleges.

4. KUWAIT — Another middle jap nation where female have a better learning than men. 41% regarding Kuwaiti women attend tertiary lesson institutions, compared after just 18% regarding men.

5. BAHRAIN — Women among the island state of the Arab Gulf are far better educated than guys in theirs country. The ratio on ladies according to guys active within tertiary discipline is 2.18.

6. GUYANA — Guyana has exceptionally ignoble ranges regarding study for both sexes, then only 18% over females continue between in addition yet higher education. But it's nonetheless greater than double the wide variety of men persevering with theirs discipline after school.

7. BRUNEI DARUSSALAM — Brunei is frequently stated as some about the wealthiest international locations over earth, but that additionally has half over the best skilled girl citizens. They outnumber their generation counterparts 33% after 18% among tertiary education institutions.

8. URUGUAY — 80% over all girls of Uruguay continue between similarly education, a ratio concerning 1.73.

9. ICELAND — As well as like splendid the WEF's standard Gender Gap Index, Icelandic girls are additionally incomplete on the superior trained on the planet, then outnumber guys by using 1.72 in accordance with one among in addition education.

10. SURINAME — A incredibly small range of women, just 15%, go among higher discipline of the past Dutch colony, but this is path higher than the 9% over guys whosoever do.

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