Scary facts about Barcelona

Camp Nou is Europe's greatest football arena 

The home of FC Barcelona isn't celebrated for the group – it's likewise known for the enormous arena which holds 99,354 fans! For a little correlation – this is around 10,000 more than what Wembley otherwise known as the second biggest arena on the land mass can hold. It worked in 1957 and redeveloped in 1982 for the World Cup. 

The main club in Europe to win more than one treble 

No other group in Europe that has won household class, local cup AND European Cup in a year, more than once. Ever. In the event that this is anything but an incredible achievement for the group, at that point I don't have the foggiest idea what is. Is FC Barcelona the best football club ever? You can see their trophies in the exhibition hall at the arena and afterward settle on your own choice. Suppose there are many! 

FC Barcelona is part claimed 

This is a fascinating and unordinary reality about a football club! As one of the not many football clubs on the planet – it is possessed by its fans. That is correct. There is more than 14,000 social (individuals) who settle on the choices and as the previous club VP Ferran Soriano once stated: "The fans genuinely claim this club. They choose its predetermination and how it is overseen." 

La Masia 

Not exclusively it's known everywhere throughout the world – FC Barcelona likewise has its childhood institute, where many headliners moved on from. La Masia, which abnormally means 'the farmhouse' was once home to Andres Iniesta, Carles Puyol, Pep Guardiola, and even Lionel Messi. The institute has an astounding 300 understudies and is constantly being applauded as the best on the planet. La Masia has obviously been a basic factor in the accomplishment of FC Barcelona also. 

FC Barcelona was established by an understudy 

Motivation | BARCELONA 

/FEB eleventh 2019 

FC Barcelona is known everywhere throughout the world – even individuals who are not inspired by football will in all likelihood have known about the club. So it is just characteristic that one of the articles takes a gander at this well known group! 

Here are 5 fascinating realities about FC Barcelona for you to consider before you visit: 

FC Barcelona was established by an understudy 

Correct, you read that right! Hans Gamper, who was a Swiss understudy moved to Barcelona in the late 1890s to learn Spanish. Football was getting increasingly known during that time, and it was something that Gamper was extremely energetic about, and he had an impressive impact in advancing the game. 

In 1899, Garner chose to establish a club, some place where he could compose football matches himself normally. That is when FC Barcelona was conceived! 

Franco made the club change their name and authority language 

With its history of Catalan pride, the club was the concentrate from the specialists during the Franco fascism. They were prohibited to utilize the Catalan language and required to expel every single Catalan banner and imagery from their shirts. The club was moreover constrained to change its name to Club de Football  de
 Barcelona which it changed in 1974

History of association with the Catalan patriot development 

From its initiation, the club has had solid ties with the Catalan patriot developer, with the two supporters and the executives considering the to be as an image of neighborhood character. At the flare-up of the common war, the club president Josep Sunyol – a staunch supporter of autonomy – was killed by Falangist troupes. One day in 1951 supporters strolled once more into town after a match, by walking in the downpour, rather than taking the cable cars, on the side of the neighborhood cable car laborers who were protesting against the specialists. 

They concocted their very own style of play 

Maybe one of the most well known Barca players – and administrators – of all occasions is the Dutch conceived Johann Cruyff. He joined Barcelona in 1973 after a stretch at Ajax and played with the club for two or three years before moving to America. Anyway Cruyff came back to Barcelona in 1988, this time as chief, where he is credited with the formation of the world-well known 'Dream Team', including Pep Guardiola, José Mari Bakero and Txiki Begiristain. Maybe more significantly, he is behind Barcelona's unmistakable style of play, known as Tiki-take, just as the Total Football theory.

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