Top 10 companies to work in Sweden

10 best companies to work in Sweden

Sweden is home to heavenly meatballs, Ingmar Bergman films, excellent supermodels and August Strindberg plays. In any case, it is likewise home to the absolute generally alluring and biggest organizations on the planet that utilize a large number of laborers. From fund to innovation, you will discover a portion of the world's most notable and best managers in Sweden. Things being what they are, how did this occur? A blend of serious assessment rates, a little administrative system and a populace that is one of the most skilled on earth. The following inquiry is: which are these organizations? Universum, a work advertises bits of knowledge firm, has assembled a thorough rundown of the top managers in Sweden by utilizing its Most Attractive Employers positioning investigation. These are the 10 best organizations to work for in Sweden. 

10. Nike 

Industry: Retail Headquarters: Beaverton, Oregon, US Number of representatives: 76,700 Founding year: 1964 Just do it. This notorious trademark condenses the universal retail juggernaut's worldwide realm. While Nike is celebrated for its swoosh logo and organization with acclaimed competitors from everywhere throughout the world, the organization has stayed on the games, clothing mountain by centering its corporate culture on inventiveness and development that routinely adjust to the present day's customer inclinations. It has had its rhythmic movements since its initiation almost 50 years back, however Nike's workforce has helped it keep up its resilience. Nike's interest in medical coverage, parental leave, strategic scheduling, worker limits and a bunch of different advantages has delivered profits. 

9. SEB 

Industry: Finance Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden Number of workers: 15,714 Founding year: 1972 Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB, or SEB, is a significant monetary organization in Sweden that serves customers, private organizations and establishments. What has made SEB an effective bank in an ultra-serious industry has been its differing plan of action, stretching out into extra security administrations and a Nordic-based charge card item called the Eurocard. It keeps on adjusting to the most recent advancements in the business, and it stays an alluring work environment for its loose yet beneficial office condition that gives a work-life balance. One of the interesting advantages it offers are occasion houses for its faculty – take a stab at requesting that from your boss at the present time! 

8. EY 

Industry: Professional administrations Headquarters: London, England Number of representatives: 284,000 Founding year: 1989 Any youngster who needs to get into business fantasies about landing either a temporary position or an all day work opportunity at EY. The global expert administrations mammoth offers a wide scope of bookkeeping administrations, including charge, reviewing, counseling and warning. The organization has fanned out into different zones, however, it keeps on being common all through the worldwide economy. Individuals need to work at EY for its plenty of chances, regardless of whether it is working under prepared veterans or going the world over – even assistants are stretched out the opportunity to visit various nations to work. Notwithstanding these benefits, you're likewise given serious pay and a wide scope of advantages. 

7. Handelsbanken 

Industry: Finance Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden Number of representatives: 12,549 Founding year: 1871 It's difficult to accept an organization can be over exceptionally old. In any case, that is the period of Svenska Handelsbanken – to say the very least! This is a money related organization that represents considerable authority in many financial administrations, including speculative banking, stock exchanging, customer banking, extra security and corporate exchanges. Notwithstanding being established in the nineteenth Century, Handelsbanken has a dynamic corporate culture that is contained balance, decent variety and inclusivity – and these attributes are vital to its everyday work. It accentuates these components since it accepts varied foundations and encounters can add to the business with one of a kind viewpoints. 

6. Swedbank 

Industry: Finance Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden Number of representatives: 15,983 Founding year: 1820 Yeesh. Is Sweden just contained banks? All things considered, the thing with Swedbank is that it has extended past the outskirts of Sweden by giving resource the board, retail banking and installment frameworks all through the Nordic-Baltic area. For example, it represents 60% of Estonia's installments piece of the overall industry. With more than one million customers, it demonstrates that the business is accomplishing something right. In spite of the fact that it has been hit with a notoriety harming illegal tax avoidance outrage, the new administration expects to tidy up the organizational culture with clearing changes and an administration redesign. 

5. PwC 

Industry: Professional administrations Headquarters: London, England Number of workers: 250,930 Founding year: 1998 PricewaterhouseCoopers, otherwise called PwC, is a global expert administrations behemoth tantamount to EY. It's one of the Big Four bookkeeping firms (alongside KPMG, Deloitte and EY) and the second-biggest expert administration firm system on the planet, working in 158 nations and producing $42 billion in incomes. Like its rivals, PwC is an unimaginable appealing work environment for the open doors it presents to its understudies and representatives (travel, pay and advantages). Also, it has gigantic trust in the entirety of its work force, regardless of whether they're newcomers or prepared veterans. For any business-disapproved of graduate, it very well may be an engaging idea to create and oversee worldwide brands' hazard, procedure and item/administration quality. 

4. H&M 

Industry: Retail Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden Number of representatives: 123,283 Founding year: 1947 H&M spearheaded the idea of quick style, the procedure of design retailers catching popular dress structures from the catwalk or big name culture and move them to retail locations at a cheap cost. It's known for its very quick speed to stores – and to the trash. Despite the fact that H&M made this worldwide wonder, the organization has changed tasks to be all the more naturally agreeable and moral. It doesn't seem to have harmed its primary concern, flaunting a 2018 worldwide working benefit of $1.7 billion. Representatives, regardless of whether at head office or a store, offer retirement benefits, excursion times and protection advantages. 

3. IKEA 

Industry: Furniture retail Headquarters: Delft, Netherlands Number of representatives: 211,000 Founding year: 1943 Who doesn't adore IKEA? Indeed, how about we reword that question. Who adores the modest costs at IKEA yet detests assembling the furnishings? All things considered, regardless of IKEA decimating sentimental connections and causing coronary episodes all through the world, the organization stays an incredible and effective furniture retail juggernaut that keeps on growing over the globe. Numerous individuals additionally neglect to acknowledge how inventive the IKEA brand is as the organization routinely enhances its items and concocts special structures. Is this enough to pull in the best and most splendid? Maybe not, however this will: educational cost help, pet protection, worker limits, a 'Tack' retirement plan and a liberal physician endorsed sedate arrangement. Get the meatballs! 

2. Spotify 

Industry: Technology Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden Number of representatives: 4,165 Founding year: 2006 Spotify is a contextual investigation into business that took something that worked (music gushing through unlawful methods) and afterward lawfully coordinated it into the worldwide commercial center and adjusted it to the most recent advances. It was a bet that paid off, as Spotify now collaborates with the absolute biggest brands on the planet – expressions, amusement, autos and innovation. It generates a large portion of its incomes from promoting, however the Spotify corporate culture is tied in with improving and giving it representatives independence. Any tribute from past or current specialists are normally the equivalent: the working environment is representative cordial as faculty are trusted to be innovative and are remunerated to coordinate their significance and duty. 

1. Google 

Industry: Technology Headquarters: Mountain View, California, US Number of workers: 119,000 Founding year: 1998 Wait a moment. Isn't Silicon Valley in the US? Indeed, yet that hasn't prevented Google from putting its impression in different markets far and wide. This activity to grow the Google brand past the fringes of America has included Sweden, making it the biggest manager in the nation. Also, this is the manner by which the web crawler monster stays effective, as it takes advantage of the top ability pools around the world, including the profoundly instructed and astoundingly gifted Swedes. Google, in reality, plans its work environment approaches to keep you longer at the workplace, however the advantages and advantages make it beneficial, which incorporate free nourishment, agreeable ergonomics and a great deal of on location fun. Without a doubt, Google has spearheaded the advanced office advantages to gather the consideration of the most elite in innovation.

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